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Giddy-Up Equipment

Important Information – Giddy-Up TV General Set-up

Giddy-Up TV Set Top Box (STB)

The Giddy-Up TV STB's are connected via the internet at your venue to receive data allowing the display of the Giddy-Up TV service within your venue. If your venue subscribes to Giddy-Up TV Black – 2 Screen Premium service then there will be two STB's within your venue.

The STB's are able to display HDMI or composite video output.

**If your venue subscribes to the Giddy-Up TV Split Service then the input on your television will be HDMI.

If your service is displaying via HDMI then it will only be able to be displayed on a single television and the STB will be located within 5m of the television.

If your service is displayed using an MATV distribution system then Giddy-Up TV will have been tuned into your venues TV system as a channel that will display on any televisions in the venue connected to that TV system.

Giddy-Up TV Set Top Box

For Giddy-Up to be operable it needs the following:

  1. Power connected to the STB (Power Port is labelled DC 5V – Bottom Left)
  2. An active and unrestricted internet connection.
  3. Output from the Giddy-Up TV STB can be via the following:
    1. Connection from HDMI output on the STB to an HDMI input on a HDMI capable television OR
    2. Connection from the STB composite video output to a Modulator and then the venues MATV system (TV system).

Giddy-Up TV Set Top Box

Connection to the Internet

Internet connectivity varies from venue to venue. A Giddy-Up TV STB will be connected to your internet by a technician at the time of installation.
This connection may be done via:

  1. a direct cable run from an open internet source
  2. a powered wireless access point
  3. a hybrid of a cable run and wireless receiver
  4. a Telstra 3G Gateway (these are provided and access controlled by Giddy-Up Sports and Racing at additional cost).


Other Equipment Supplied by Giddy-Up

The installation of the Giddy-Up TV service varies from venue to venue and as such there are additional pieces of equipment that may be required for the service to be operable in your venue.
Devices that may be used in your venue:

  1. GME Kingray UHF or VHF analogue modulator: these single channel analogue modulators are used to connect into your venues MATV system.
    1. They are connected to the Giddy-Up STB via a composite video lead
    2. They  are a powered unit

      Kingray Modulator

  2. Desktop Switch: these devices allow for the expansion of your venue's wired internet network

  3. Wireless Access Point: these devices can be used in two ways
    1. To establish a connection to your venues wireless internet network
    2. To establish a wireless internet bridge from point one Access Point to another within your venue, i.e. from your venues router/modem to a Access Point 1 (broadcasting a wireless signal) to Access Point 2 (receiving the wireless signal)

      Version 1

      Wireless Access Point Version 1

      Version 2

      Wireless Access Point Version 2


Telstra 3G Ultimate Gateway*

These are installed for a venue when there is no available internet connection. (*Installed at an additional cost)

Telstra 3G Ultimate Gateway