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Venue Downloads Help

Once you’ve arrived at the Giddy-Up Guide Venue Downloads page simply select what you want to bring up using the four drop down boxes and the press the search button.

This will bring up the relevant files, then press the download button and you’re right to go.

Hint: The Combined files are all of the meetings being covered that day for each race code, by selecting the combined option (either Long or Short) you’ll only need to download the one file.


  • All Codes – options available are Thoroughbreds, Greyhounds and Sports
  • Race Meetings – these are the meetings or sports files available to download
    • Combined meeting – all of the Giddy-Up Guide meetings available for that day in one file, i.e. if you downloaded this file you wouldn’t need to download any individual files
    • Individual meeting – the Giddy-Up Guide for the named meeting only
  • Giddy-Up Guide File type – there two different options to select from
    • Long Version – refers to the complete Giddy-Up Guide information, with analysis on the entire field
    • Short Version – an abbreviated version with our top selections only
  • C / B&W – there are two differently formatted file types, one designed for printing in colour and one designed for printing in black and white